Sell-out – the last grow room in Fraubrunnen - Friday, December 10th at 7 P.M. (CET)

by CannerGrow
Posted on Dezember 3, 2021 18:00

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community, 🌱

the last weeks and days have been intense! What has happened to us recently - gigantic!
The sale of Sector Papa was insane. Wow!
Chapeau to all salespeople and recommenders - Congratulations to all customers that you were able to order plants in Sector Papa.

Important - as this is currently being asked a lot:
1) You can still pay for all orders for the pre-sale of plants in Sector Papa which you have made within the last 7 working days in Sector Papa and which are active in your back office under the main menu item "Financial" (click) under "Order History" and of course you will still receive them the plants in the Papa sector.

2) Your pre-sale orders for plants will only be booked if we receive the money on time. You have 7 working days to pay for each order you have created-
If we do not receive the money on time, even if it’s just one working day later, this is invalid and will not be booked. We also won’t book the plants in the next room, but we transfer the money back to you.
You can also find the exact date and time of your order with everything as described above in the back office under the item "Financial" (click) in the main menu under the heading "Order history".
All you have to do is click on the "eye symbol" in the respective line on the right-hand side and the order will open.
If you can no longer find the bank details, you can click on "Bank details" at the top right and view them again.

Very important for a problem-free booking of your plants from the pre-sale as quickly as possible: Please enter the correct invoice subject as the subject when transferring via bank, this is the only way our finance department can assign your invoice to the respective order.

Now we come to the further information, as announced on our Telegram-News-Channel - by the way, you should all join our Telegram-Channel here in order not to miss any important information and to always be up to date. We share more news and in faster time on our Telegram-News-Channel than on other social media platforms.

Our unique, over 10.000m² Cannabis State-of-the-Art Indoor Facility, which is currently under construction, the most modern cannabis production in Switzerland, is almost completely sold out...
...except for one single room.

You are probably wondering - how can that be? The entire 10.000m² are almost completely sold out, except for a single room?
Yes! Sector Papa was not a single room, but an entire part on the 1st floor. Thus, "Papa" is not a grow room but an entire huge sector, which is why we have already named it “Sector” earlier in the text.
In Sector Papa are several rooms, all of which will start up at the same time (apart from 1 week difference due to the harvest cycles) as soon as there is enough electricity when our huge Trafo is built. This means now that the entire first floor is sold out.

On the 2nd floor there are mainly mother plant-, baby- and vegetation rooms.
There is only room for one single grow room here.
So there will only be one single additional room and this will be the last room in our production and Facility in Fraubrunnen.

The crazy Pre-Sale for this room will start on Friday, December 10th at exactly 7 p.m. (swiss time / CET), i.e. in exactly 7 days.
Until then, you can forward and spread this news to all interested parties, as well as existing customers, sales partners and team members - the last grow room of Cannerald in Fraubrunnen location is soon going to be sold.
Now everyone should go full throttle again and focus on new registrations for the next few days. Now is the best time to place yourself for a huge final in 2021 and our final sale at Cannerald with the last grow room - the final sprint is on!

The final sale will start on Friday, Dec 10th at 7pm (swiss time / CET) sharp. How long will it take until the plants of the last grow room are sold out once we activate the “Buy Button” again?
We expect a very, very fast sale - so you should forward to all of your loved ones to get ready at 7 p.m. next Friday, if they haven't already – they should register with CannerGrow so that they can order plants at our pre-sale at 7 p.m. if they want this and want to get hold of the last plants at our location in Fraubrunnen.

End time - final sale of the last plants at Cannerald in Fraubrunnen! After that we are completely sold out!

PS: As teased at our huge Event “Cannerald Event in a class of its own” in September, 3 months ago, by one of our co-founders and our two sales managers, the sales price will not stay at 1599.34€ per plant in the future - it will increase...
The sales price of the plants in the last room, which will be available for pre-sale online from Friday, December 10th at 7 p.m. (swiss time / CET) will still be at 1599.34€ per plant ;)

PPS: No time to rest - now you should go insane and use the time wisely - register new people and spread those fantastic news! You have 7 days for this, after that we will start the biggest sell-off of Switzerland – Swiss has never seen anything like that before! Let's make history together!

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team 🌱