No Discount and No Account Stacking

by CannerGrow
Posted on Juli 16, 2020 12:48

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community, 🌱

this blog post was created by us because the support has received numerous messages in the last 2 weeks and we want to clarify 2 issues here.

1. Discount on plant sales at CannerGrow - does not and will never exist

During the past few days our support has been told that affiliates advertise a discount and asked whether we offer a discount because many new affiliates offer a discount.
At CannerGrow there is no discount on plant purchases and there never will be - the plant price has been calculated so that we can continuously enlarge our Cannerald facility for you and expand the grow rooms so that your plant finds a happy “home” with us. A discount, even if this would speed up the sale of plants, is not possible for us.

We expressly ask each of our affiliates and sales partners not to advertise discounts or false statements about our company - please be honest and explain to the people how our concept works through our official business presentation.

If you have any questions, please always contact the official CannerGrow Support in your dashboard - here you will receive an answer to your questions within a few hours, 7 days a week!

If you find affiliates or posts that advertise with discounts, it would be very nice if you send the link, post, or screenshot of the affiliate to our support.
We are grateful for any help and will take measures against these sales partners - we give each of these affiliates 7 days to change the posts and landing pages, as well as public comments on them.
If we learn of affiliates who offer this after this period, these affiliates will be blocked without exception and without warning.
This is not only misleading potential customers, but also unfair behavior towards our affiliates and sales partners who work properly!

2. Stacking with multi-accounts - We are disappointed

Due to several complaints from our affiliates via our support about stacking and multi-accounts, our IT department investigated the matter and we were very disappointed to find that some people in our community are stacking with multi-accounts.

What is multi-account stacking?

Stacking means when a person or a group of people creates several accounts in our network and registers all new customers under the last account (level 7). It is therefore possible for the person or group of people not only to earn a direct commission of 7%, but the entire 20% commission that we offer.

Level 1 - 7%
Level 2 - 5%
Level 3 - 3%
Level 4 - 2%
Level 5 - 1%
Level 6 - 1%
Level 7 - 1%

The affiliate who, for example, recruited a person who is stacking - thus receives no commission, since the person or group of people only sends the recommendation link of the last account (level 7).
This is extremely unfair to our other honest affiliates and we are more than disappointed that our distribution system is being exploited in this way.

Since we want to protect our community and hard-working affiliates and sales partners as best we can, we decided to take a hard look after a long discussion. For this we will have an algorithm developed within the next few weeks that automatically detects stacking and will block these accounts and affiliates.
Don't worry, this will not affect any of our affiliates who work honestly and cleanly - it will only affect those who wanted to defraud us and you.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.