Fourth Delta Room Harvest

by CannerGrow
Posted on Dezember 9, 2021 01:00

Hello plant owners 🌱,

We are happy to announce that the fourth harvest of the Delta Rom has been a success and has been booked into your dashboard.

The entire Cannerald team is pleased to be able to successfully offer our customers the fourth harvest of the Delta room - the harvest has just been booked in your dashboard.

On average, each 3-star plant produced 56.2 grams and each 2-star plant 25.3 grams.

↗️ This is an increase of 0.6 grams compared to the last Delta Grow for the 3-star plants ↗️

We accommodated you with the ancillary costs: Customers were charged 24€ additional costs per 3-star plant and 16.59€ additional costs per 2-star plant.
So you get 22,40 grams of CBD credited for each 3-star plant and 8,70 grams of CBD for each 2-star plant.

↗️ We can also proudly announce that we we able to get a sales price of 2.10€ per gram ↗️

Analysis-Report will follow within the next weeks.

Very important information - Please take 3 more minutes to read them very attentive:
1) Blog article: Sell-out – the last grow room in Fraubrunnen - Friday, December 10th at 7 P.M. (CET)
We're selling the last plants from our over 10.000m² big Location - Start of the Pre-Sale of the last room is this Friday, 7 P.M. (CET).
So if you definitely want to buy the last plants in our unique and Premium Location for the price of unbeatable 1599.34€ per plant - login into your backoffice before 7 P.M. (CET) this Friday and prepare yourself to order some plants!
⚠️ Due to high demand and from what we heard the last grow room will probably sold out within 30-120 minutes âš ï¸

2) Blog article: Cannerald XMAS MEGA Sale - 65% off the entire range in our online shops
This has never happened before and will never ever happen again. Lots of articles already sold out but you will probably still find some great articles you would like to buy.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.