FAQ and Important Information - CannerGrow Q1 2022

by Cannerald
Posted on Januar 14, 2022 11:00

Dear Cannerald and CannerGrow Community,

In this blog article you will find all the latest and most important information about CannerGrow.

1) I read that you will stop selling plants after Grow-Room Poseidon will be sold out, is that true?
Yes! If you still want to buy some of the last Cannerald plants, you now have the last possible chance to do so.
Click here (click) to buy some of the last possible buyable Cannerald plants including our unique Cannerald Grow Service.
You can find all the details here (click)

2) Why do I currently not see any plants in the Grow Rooms on the webcams in the CannerGrow backoffice?
There was a reset of the entire Cannerald production in Fraubrunnen and all Grow Rooms will soon be restarted.
You can find all the details here (click)
Note: The webcam of Grow-Room Juliet will go online next week between January 17th, 2022 and January 22nd, 2022.

3) When will the Grow Rooms affected by the reset start again? (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India and Juliet)
Planned start of the Grow-Room Alpha: February 18th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Bravo: February 25th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Charlie: March 4th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Delta: April 4th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Echo: April 14th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Foxtrot: April 26th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Golf: April 29th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Hotel April 29th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room India: May 4th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Juliet: May 6th, 2022
You can find more details here (click)

4) When will the following Grow Rooms and Sectors start in the Cannerald production in Fraubrunnen? (Kilo, Lima, November, Oscar, Sector Papa and Yankee)
We are still missing 2 permits for the start of the Grow Rooms Kilo, Lima, November, Oscar, Sector Papa and Yankee, which we cannot accelerate from our side.
Since the question often came up whether the spore infestation had something to do with the later grow starts of those rooms - no! This only depends on the 2 permits, about which we are powerless and cannot accelerate anything.
Because of that we won’t give customers the harvest share from Cannerald for these Grow Rooms (Kilo, Lima, November, Oscar, Sector Papa and Yankee).

The 2 permits we are waiting for are:
1. The approval from the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations ESTI regarding the expansion of the transformer station so that we have enough power to start growing additional Grow-Rooms. Currently the power capacity is only sufficient for the 10 Grow-Rooms: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India and Juliet, as well as part of the refrigeration machine room.
2. The approval from the governor's office of the canton of Bern to place the dry cooler on our steel platform, as there was a second verification procedure.

We already have written about this in the previous blog article here (click) in November 2021, which was also sent to all customers from these rooms via newsletter.

5) When will the Grow Rooms and Sectors start in the Cannerald production in Solothurn? (Demeter and Poseidon)
Everything is within the planned time frame and the Grow Rooms will start as we stated in the Pre-Sale with the estimated start date for the first grow start.
The expansion of our second Cannerald Indoor Hall in Solothurn has been planned for over a year now and the construction work has already started.

6) What is the current situation with the GMP approval?
Since this no longer depends on us, we cannot reveal a final date.
It is important that we will definitely receive the GMP approval and thus set a clear example as a pioneer in the European cannabis market.

7) What is the current status of the THC approval?
8) When can Cannerald start growing pharmaceutical THC cannabis?
1. Everything has already been submitted for the pilot project and studies, see blog article here (click) - we submitted the final documents in July 2021 and have been in very close contact with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) ever since.
2. For THC cannabis cultivation for pharmaceutical customers, we first need the GMP license, then THC cannabis purchase agreements and only then can we switch to the cultivation of THC cannabis.

9) Since there are currently no on-site tours and visits available, where and how can I get an insight into your cannabis production?
On our Cannerald YouTube Channel (click) you can find all videos of our Cannerald production and videos about the expansion.
You can find a 3D tour of our Fraubrunnen production facility in the CannerGrow backoffice in the main menu point "Locations" (click).

10) Where can I turn on the Cannerald newsletter so that Cannerald always keeps me up to date?
You can activate the Cannerald newsletter here (click) under “Receive newsletter”.

Important, if you have a Web, Gmx or Yahoo email address, we recommend switching to a Gmail (Googlemail) email address and use this Email for your CannerGrow Account. In contrast to various other providers, Gmail always receives our email newsletters due to the high volume of emails sent.
Here you can easily change your email address (click)
If you receive our emails in your spam mailbox, you can select “No Spam” in the settings of your email inbox as soon as you open our email and you will receive all further Cannerald emails in your normal mailbox.

11) Are there any other ways I can always find the latest information about Cannerald as quickly as possible?
1. Always be informed in real time: Join the Cannerald Telegram-News-Channel (click)
2. Turn on the Cannerald newsletter (click) - otherwise we are not allowed to send you any newsletters or information)
3. Follow our Cannerald Instagram Stories (click)
4. Follow our Cannerald blog (click)
You can always find the most detailed information on our Cannerald blog (click), and via our Cannerald Telegram-News-Channel (click) you can always find out in real time as soon as a new blog article has been published.
5. There is also a Cannerald YouTube Channel (click), on which you can find all videos about Cannerald.

12) Under the list of possible sales prices (info box "Sell your CBD to Cannerald" - click) for my Cannerald harvests in the backoffice, there are five different achievable sales prices:
1. Normal CBD - B2B (Business 2 Business) sales price
2. Normal CBD - Mixed B2B & B2C (Business 2 Customer) sales price
3. GMP CBD - Target price for the sale of medical CBD
4. GMP THC - Target price for the sale of medicinal THC
5. Normal CBD - B2C (Business 2 Customer) sales price
Can I choose from these 5 points for what price I want to sell my harvest to you?
No - we always take the best possible selling price for you.
As soon as we have the THC approval and THC purchase agreements, you will only be able to choose between CBD and THC cultivation. We can only provide more detailed information on this as soon as this will be the case.

13) Can I decide later whether I want to have CBD or THC plants grown?
Yes! Each person will be able to decide for himself/herself. We can only provide more detailed information on this as soon as this will be the case.

14) As soon as THC cannabis is grown - as a cannabis patient,  will I be able to have THC Cannabis delivered directly from Cannerald to me, as is often the case in the USA?
Currently no, as there is not any defined legislation in Switzerland or the EU yet. If this should be possible in the future, we are of course open to this.

15) If every customer decides that he/she wants to have THC plants grown, can I still buy CBD flowers, CBD pre-rolls, CBD oils, CBD spray and other CBD cannabis products in the Cannerald Online Shop?
Yes! Since we are completely standing behind CBD, its positive effects and we as a company also have our own plants in our Cannerald facility, this will always be possible.

16) Can I select the strain of my plant when growing CBD cannabis?
No, that is not possible and will not be possible in the future - otherwise we would have to grow a lot of different strains in each Grow Room. Some strains have different grow times and other different parameters and so we cannot offer this, otherwise the quality would suffer.

17) I got a harvest distributed to my CannerGrow account in the backoffice, what can I do with it?
1. You can have it delivered to you (Switzerland + EU)
2. You can sell it to us
3. You can redeem it for beneficial prices with up to 50% discount in our Cannerald Online Shop
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)

18) For whom does the function “pay service costs yourself” make sense?
The function “pay service costs yourself” (click) is only beneficial if you want to have your cannabis (CBD) delivered to you. Instead of the service costs being paid 50/50 between you and us, the full service costs of the respective grow are completely deducted from your balance and thus you get more cannabis with the harvest.
You should note that you can only have the harvest delivered if the balance is over 0€.

19) Can I have my CBD harvest delivered to an address other than my billing address?
Yes, this is possible without any problems.
Here (click) you can add a delivery address that differs from your billing address.

20) How can I resell my plants at CannerGrow or transfer them to another CannerGrow user?
There are 2 options here - once via the CannerGrow Community Marketplace and once via private transfer.
1. Resale via the CannerGrow Community Marketplace:
After 3 completed grow cycles you can sell your plants via the CannerGrow Community Marketplace (click).
The CannerGrow Community Marketplace can only be used if you own at least 1 CannerGrow plant.
Only as soon as a plant has completed 3 complete grow cycles, you will see a symbol with a hand and a dollar sign under the main menu item "Your plants" (click) and under the respective plant - this symbol opens the sales function for the CannerGrow Community Marketplace.

2. Resale or gift via private plant transfer:
Since our support was often asked whether you can transfer plant X to user X, we have built in a private plant transfer.
In the case of private transfer, this would normally also only be possible after 3 grow cycles, but we will accommodate you here and after the sale of the last Grow Room that we sell, Grow Room Poseidon, the private plant transfer will be unlocked for all plants for a limited time, even if they have not yet gone through 3 grow cycles.
How can you transfer a plant to someone via private transfer?
The person must have a CannerGrow account, for this you need the username of the person.
Both CannerGrow accounts, the CannerGrow account that wants to transfer the plant and the CannerGrow account that wants to receive the plant, must be level 2 verified (click).
The CannerGrow account that wants to receive the plant must have already officially purchased at least one plant from our company - it does not matter whether the account still owns this plant.
You can find the function under the main menu item “Your plants” (click) and under the respective plant you will find a symbol with two opposite arrows.
This icon is only visible as soon as the respective plant is transferrable and fulfills the rules for this.
If you click on the symbol, you can enter the username of the person to whom you want to transfer the plant. As soon as you click on the “Confirm transfer” button, the plant is transferred in real time.
This process cannot be reversed, so only do this if you want to do it for sure.

Very important:
If you place your plant in the CannerGrow Community marketplace, you automatically lose a grow of this plant, or the next owner, even if you remove the plant from the marketplace again, because you have changed your mind about keeping the plant yourself.
If the plant is sold on the marketplace, the current grow in which the plant currently is will not be credited to the new customer, the customer will only receive the harvest + all further grows from the next grow.
This is the same with the private transfer, the new owner does not receive the harvest of the current grow - only the next grow + all further grows.
Thus, with a sale/transfer, 1 grow is always left undistributed.
In addition, the plant can only be sold/transferred again during the next grow cycle!

This has been the case from the beginning on and has the background that we do not want to be a trading platform on which people only focus on trading plants in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace and thus destroy the marketplace for our community.
The goal of the marketplace and private transfer is to offer all customers more security.

21) Can I still register people in my team after the last currently sellable Grow Room (Poseidon) has been sold out in order to be perfectly prepared for the future sale of further plants at CannerGrow with a third production?
Yes! You can already do preparatory work now, build up a network or expand it and place all people, interested parties and salespeople in your team.
As soon as we have the GMP permit, THC cultivation permit and THC purchase agreements, the plant sale will continue.
All people who now do preparatory work and register salespeople as well as interested parties of course have a massive advantage for a perfect sales start in the future.

22) When the last plant in the last Poseidon Grow Room has been sold, can new prospects buy plants on the CannerGrow Community Marketplace?
No - you need at least one plant to purchase plants from the CannerGrow Community Marketplace.

23) Account security - this is the best way to secure your CannerGrow account:
Turn on 2-FA (click)
Please save the security code which is displayed to you at the first setup - this is of enormous importance so you can always set up 2-FA again, even if you lose your device (smartphone, tablet).
It is best to also set up 2-FA at the email address you use for your CannerGrow account.
So you are as secure as possible, even if someone has your CannerGrow username + email + password.

24) I have questions about CannerGrow and how does CannerGrow work?
Please contact your advisor/sponsor here (click) in the CannerGrow backoffice who recommended CannerGrow to you.
Alternatively, you can find a lot of information here (click).

25) How and where can I contact the CannerGrow Support?
The CannerGrow Support is only available here (click).
The contact form on the cannerald.ch and cannerald.com websites are exclusively and only for B2B customers and you will not receive an answer about CannerGrow there.

26) Verification for withdrawals
Here (click) you can verify yourself to level 2.
You have to allow your browser to access your camera on your smartphone or computer/laptop. In the smartphone settings this is very easy, so you can verify yourself.
If necessary, try a different browser because the new browser requests camera permission again if you denied it in the other browser before.
Verification by email is not possible.

2 things are important for verification:
1. 1x identity card or passport
2. 1x registration certificate or electricity/gas/water bill or credit card bill or account statement from your bank - not older than 3 months with name, date and address.

Other very important information:
27) When I bought plants, it was promised that I get a CBD oil starter kit voucher, where can I find it?
Since all products are currently sold out, the voucher code will be integrated on 21st February 2022 in your CannerGrow backoffice account under the main menu item “Shop” (click).
Update 11th February '22 - Estimated Date: On Thursday, 31st March at evening (7 P.M CET) you will have the voucher in your account.
Update 31st March '22 - Final Date: On Friday, 8th April at evening (6 P.M CET), at the same time as the reopening of the Cannerald Online Shop (point 28), you will have the voucher in your account in the CannerGrow Backoffice under 👉 ["Shop" -> "Discount Codes" (click)] 👈 - then you can directly purchase products in the Cannerald Online Shop and redeem the voucher with the free starter kit (10% CBD Oil Natural and 10% CBD Oil with prickly pear flavor).
Important: The voucher codes are valid for 60 days!

28) When will the products at the Cannerald Online Shop be back in stock again?
On Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 the Cannerald Online Shop will again be stocked with Premium Cannerald Products and from there on you can buy exclusive CBD premium products from us again.
👉🏻 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)
👉🏻 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
Update 11th February '22 - Estimated Date where you can purchase products in our Online Shop (restocking): On Friday, 1st April 2022.
Update 31st March '22 - Final Date: On Friday, 8th April at evening (6 P.M CET) you can purchase products in our Cannerald Online Shop (restocking)

29) I have placed a delivery shipment for my CBD harvest in the EU but have not yet received a delivery - when can I expect a delivery?
Unfortunately there were problems with our last import, but our lawyers have already solved this and the harvest deliveries will be ready for dispatch from 1st February 2022 on.
If you want to cancel your harvest delivery, please write to us in the CannerGrow Support (click) and your harvest will be booked back to your CBD balance without any problems.
Update 11th February '22: Estimated: The last few deliveries will probably be dispatched on 1st March 2022 and you will probably get them between Wednesday, 2nd March 2022 and Wednesday, 9th March 2022.
Update 31st March '22: We will refund all outstanding Harvest Deliveries in the next 24 hours back into your CBD Balance, the shipping costs will be refunded and we will write all people with outstanding Harvest Deliveries a message, so that you can decide if you want to get the harvest delivered once we're publishing that it's possible. With that option you also have the possibility that you can sell the harvest or trade it for Premium Cannerald Products of our Cannerald Online Shop. 
Also you will receive a certificate of analysis with every Harvest Delivery.
Current Estimated Date for Deliveries: The next possible deliveries will probably be dispatched on 15th April 2022 and you will probably get them between Tuesday, 19th April 2022 and Friday, 22nd April 2022.

30) Bitcoin payment for plant purchases and Bitcoin withdrawals
Due to the high volume of Bitcoin withdrawals in the last 4 weeks, there were several problems with our Bitcoin Exchange within the last 14 days, which is why Bitcoin withdrawals often did not work.
All open Bitcoin withdrawals that were not carried out were credited back to your CannerGrow balance.
Bitcoin payments for plant purchases are therefore currently also not available.
Our lawyers are currently in talks with the exchange so that we can offer Bitcoin withdrawals and Bitcoin payments for the purchase of plants again as soon as possible.
However, you can easily withdraw via bank at any time. Bank withdrawals are processed daily. Please note that in order to pay out up to 10.000 EUR per day via bank you have to verify yourself to verification level 2 (click).

31) Is it possible to resell CannerGrow plants?
Yes! See point 20

32) A little insight into things which will come:
- CannerGrow iOs app
- Backoffice will be optimized for even more simplicity and customer friendliness
- Bulk export for invoices and payments for the respective months and years
- In the future, the backoffice will only be available in German and English
- App notifications (Android and iOs) + email notifications about the current status of your own plants in the respective Grow Rooms
- FAQ area in the backoffice (click) will be completely expanded with all questions and answers about CannerGrow in German and English
- More Cannerald products in the Cannerald Online Shop
- Analysis reports are enclosed with deliveries when the harvest is shipped to you

Your Cannerald and CannerGrow Team 🌱