Current construction progress February 2021 & updates

by CannerGrow
Posted on Februar 19, 2021 12:30

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community, 🌱

Corona still dominates a large part of our lifes and we hope for one early relaxation of the measures so that we can finally welcome you personally again in our facility for site-visits.
We would like to give you an update about the current construction progress and what work is under way here in the hallowed halls of Cannerald.

Foxtrot and Golf rooms:
There is only waiting for the delivery of parts for the racks that were shipped from the USA. These parts are currently in Antwerp, waiting to be loaded onto a ship on the Rhine to bring the materials to us. The delay in loading was due to the high water level of the Rhine and the “onset of winter in the north of Germany”. We expect a delivery next week, with the final set-up being carried out and the two rooms going into operation immediately afterwards.

Rooms Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November & Oscar:
We are on the right track and on schedule. As of today, no delays to the completion of the rooms are to be expected. Trucks are currently being unloaded every day and a crane has been set up to lift all the material to the right place.

Further expansion work:
Construction work is being carried out on all 3 floors in order to adhere to the given timeline.

Conversion work and redesign of the new office complex:
Due to the national lockdown in Switzerland, we decided to carry out further renovation work in the new office wing in order to make a visit to us an amazing experience. The opening celebration has been postponed until further notice due to the current corona situation.

After the completion of the production in Fraubrunnen we at Cannerald will have created the largest cannabis production in Switzerland - but not only that - we will also have created a high-tech, GMP-oriented facility with which we will be able to do everything in the european cannabis market in the future be turned upside down.
We understand when many of our CannerGrow Community are slowly getting tired of waiting for their room and plants to finally go live, but we set everything up with the best equipment so that we can offer you a long-term perspective and no problems later comes. We also attach great importance to our quality, because if many more companies want to gradually gain a foothold in the cannabis market, in the end it is always the quality that decides whether major customers or pharmaceutical groups will buy them.

Our goal is still the pharmaceutical market, we want to offer every patient what he deserves - a top product at a fair price.

New features:

1) Optional possibility to pay the additional costs of the respective grows yourself in order to receive more CBD (only brings an advantage if you have it delivered and want more CBD):

Due to the high number of requests from you in our support, our IT has built in an option in the backoffice where you can use a function to choose whether you want to pay the ancillary costs of each grow with the balance or not.
This function is set to “No” by default, in order to use the option you have to click on the button on this page: Click here
This function is for everyone who wants to have the CBD delivered and want to get as much CBD as possible, or who want to use this for the shop for exclusive special prices (will be explained in more detail in the next blog post).
This is optional - as soon as the “switch” is set to “take care of additional costs”, it will be saved for all future harvests. There must also be enough money on the balance (through deposits or commissions) to be able to use this option.

The costs for this: Additional costs in euros + 7.7% VAT.
Your advantage: You get the additional costs in euros / (through) current sales price =as grams in CBD on top of your CBD per plant, the usual calculation of the harvest remains as always

2) CannerGrow changelog:

Since we want to gradually optimize our backoffice for even more user-friendliness, the Telegram Channel “CannerGrow Changelog” was created yesterday evening - click here to join the channel.
A button as a menu item in the back office will also be implemented in the coming days which will redirect you by clicking on it to our Telegram Changelog Channel.
The purpose behind this is that every customer and sales partner can see new implemented features with a small description directly without having to ask your sponsors or our CannerGrow support.

Here you can see some pictures of the current construction progress:

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.