Cannerald 420 Promotion – 42% Discount in our Online Shop

by Cannerald
Posted on April 19, 2023 12:00

Dear Cannerald and CannerGrow Community,

as already done in the past years, we of course also celebrate this year the 20.04 together with you and have prepared for this again an insane store action 🎉🥳
With the voucher code "420" you get a breathtaking 42% discount on your entire shopping cart! Excluded from this are already discounted items.
Anyone can use the voucher code and furthermore, this voucher code is not limited - you can order as many products as you want, and you can order multiple times.
Since this is a voucher code and because you can only use one voucher code per shop order, this promotion can't be combined with other voucher codes or coupons, such as 10€ coupons!
The promotion is valid from today, the 19.04.2023 at 7 P.M. (CET) until Sunday, the 23.04.2023 at 11.59 P.M. (CET).
Attention: Only while stocks last!

Click here to visit our Cannerald Online Shop:
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)

Such an insane discount, we only offer you once a year!

Exact and comprehensive instructions on how to take advantage of the minimum 42% discount on the entire range:
1. Important: The CannerGrow Backoffice and the Cannerald Online Shop are two different platforms. If you don't have an account in the Cannerald Online Shop yet, you have to create a new account there.
2. There are two different Cannerald Online Shops, please pay attention to which country you want to receive your order. If you want to order in both stores, you need an account for each store.
Order in the EU (European) Cannerald Online Shop, if you want to receive your order in a country in Europe (delivery address).
Order in the Swiss Cannerald Online Shop, if you want to receive your order in Switzerland (delivery address).
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)
3. Now add all your desired items, which you want to buy, in the shopping cart.
4. If you have put all your desired items in the shopping cart, after adding the last item you have put in the cart, click on the button "Proceed to checkout" or click alternatively on the top right on "Cart".
5. In the shopping cart you will see your items, now click on the text "Have a promo code" and then enter the voucher code "420". After entering the voucher code "420", click on the button "Add" to the right of it and 42% discount will be calculated and deducted from your shopping cart.
6. Now click on the "Proceed to checkout" button below and follow the rest of the order process. Have fun with the 42% discount!

Excluded from the promotion are the already discounted items, such as our CBD Flowers (Switzerland), which are currently still 50% discounted and our Vape Pens and Vape Pods (EU), which are currently still 65% discounted. On these items, we can not comprehensibly calculate again 42% discount.
Also excluded from this insane one-time discount of at least 42% off on the entire assortment is the payment process with the CannerGrow CBD Balance, you can pay via CannerGrow Payment until 23.04.2023 23.59 (CET) only with the EUR Balance to get the 42% discount.

More important helpful explanations about our Cannerald Online Shop:
7. Payment method "CannerGrow Balance"
7.1 Please select this payment method only if you have logged in to the CannerGrow Backoffice before and your balance covers the amount of the order, otherwise you will have to write to our Cannerald Online Shop Support who will have to change this to the payment method "Pay by bank wire" for you.
7.2 If you pay via CannerGrow Balance, you will be redirected to the CannerGrow Backoffice after confirming the button "Order with obligation to pay". In the CannerGrow Backoffice click the "Pay with EUR" button. Now you will receive a verification code:
--> If you have "Two Factor Authentication" enabled, you will receive this verification code in your Authenticator App.
--> If you have not enabled "Two Factor Authentication", you will receive this verification code to your email address which is on file with your CannerGrow Account email adress. If you do not find this email with the verification code directly in your email inbox, please check your spam folder.
If you have problems and don't have access to your Two Factor Authentication, follow the instructions here (click) - only viewable when logged out of your CannerGrow Account.
8. Payment method "payment by bankwire"
After the successful order you will receive an email with our bank details.
Here you will receive our EUR bank account number, as well as our CHF bank account number, this is clearly visible. Please transfer Euro only to our EUR bank account and CHF only to our CHF bank account.
--> Please always write your invoice number of the order in the purpose of your bank wire, only then we can assign your bank wire transfer to your shop order.
9. It is not possible to pay a part via CannerGrow Balance and a part via bank transfer. You can only use one payment method per order.

Take advantage of the incredible 42% discount with the voucher code "420" at our Cannerald Online Shop now - Promotion valid until 23.04.2023, 23:59 P.M. (CET):
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)

Your Cannerald and CannerGrow Team 🌱