Already over 100.000 registrations at CannerGrow

by Cannerald
Posted on Januar 15, 2022 19:00

Dear Cannerald and CannerGrow Community,

in the last 3 weeks we haven't got around to publicly announcing that we've already broken the magic number of 100.000 registrations.
To be precise, as of now, over 105.000 people from all over the world have registered with CannerGrow and we are rapidly approaching 110.000 registrations.
We are extremely pleased that our company is arousing so much interest worldwide and especially in Europe.

It all started with a vision of our founders of the company to bring cannabis and its positive benefits closer to people around the world, especially in Europe. A vision that through CannerGrow everyone can be part of something big and participate with us in the cannabis market.
In 2018, CannerGrow was the first company to give people the opportunity to participate in the cannabis market and thus sent a clear signal. Over the last few years, other companies have tried to copy our unique concept and CannerGrow, but none of the companies have managed to set up such a production as we have, and above all, "Swiss made".
In addition, the plants' sales figures speak for themselves and certainly showed us all in December what we are capable of! We still want to be the only true premium manufacturer in the pharmaceutical cannabis sector, with a quality that is very rarely found anywhere in the world.

Just six months after CannerGrow launched and we sold the first plants, the corona situation and its consequences put a huge obstacle in our way.
Due to the ongoing Corona situation, there were delays in delivery, construction, and the approvals we applied for, for which we have to wait longer due to the current situation, since it takes longer for the responsible authorities, and and and.
Despite this situation, we were able to expand in record time, in less than a year, from 1.500m² to over 10,000m² in our production in Fraubrunnen alone.

For our production in Fraubrunnen alone, we work with over 30 construction companies, who complete the expansion from 1.500m² to over 10.000m² for us in record time.
Normally, such an expansion would take 3-5 years because it is an insanely large project.

In addition, we already have a second location in Solothurn, which will also be completed by the end of this year.

No matter how many hurdles have already been put in our way and will be put in our way in the future - we will overcome everything together!
Of course, the delays are annoying and we understand every single customer who is not happy about the situation and who is currently upset, because you as a community are always our top priority. Despite the fact that we cannot do anything about this and precisely for this reason that you are of the highest importance to us, we always show maximum goodwill and consider how we as a company can accommodate you in every situation.

This year, 2022, history will continue to be made together and we will do everything to ensure that you look back with a bright smile at the end of the year!

We would like to thank every person who has placed and continues to place their trust in our company.
We are really looking forward to the future together with each of our customers and community members - the future will be green! 🌱

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Your Cannerald and CannerGrow Team 🌱